Several years ago I discovered an amazing magazine on the newsstand called "Shelter." It was minimalist in design, filled with glamorous depictions of gorgeous residential interiors and had beautifully-written editorials. I was immediately smitten and I fell madly in love.

It had formerly been published by a Chicago-based independent company called "Shelter Periodicals." But two years ago it was sold to TS Media and its name was changed to Interiors. Very little has changed in the design philosophy behind the magazine; the photographs are still lush and enticing, the writing is still engaging and the design is still fresh, clean and minimalist, with huge emphasis on photography. One thing that did change, however, was its distribution. I can no longer get a copy of Interiors in Canada, it seems. They stopped distributing it here. Pricey, international subscriptions are a bit out of my league at the moment, so I must get used to picking up the odd copy here and there on my trips to the U.S.

The covers are clean and sparse with no editorial headlines: just a beautiful photograph under the title. The photography is sumptuous, printed on high-gloss pages for immediate addiction.

The magazine covers all manner of styles, from traditional to modern.
The magazine publishes editorials about homes from all over the world. The fact that it is not "Americentric" is refreshing.
There is always a food component in the magazine as well, usually a posh American restaurant.

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  1. I'd be curious to find a story about the production design for Woody Allen's "Interiors" (1979).

    Swell, spare, lovely blog. Great job!