April Showers

I've always loved the rain. It's raining right now, ruining the Friday evening of multitudes of young people across the Toronto area. But I am content in my cozy little place, surrounded by lamp light and books. The sound of the rain on the branches outside my window acts as a balm for the wounds of my hectic week. It's a sound that could never be replicated. So, embrace these April showers, as I have, whether they bring May flowers or not.

listen: here comes the rain again: eurythmics

listen: rain: madonna
listen: rain sounds.

Navy & Red

 There is just something so striking about the combination of navy and red. Throw in a hit of white and we're talking full-on nautical elegance. The look is preppy, to be sure, and brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and J. Crew seem to give the navy and red combo the aplomb it requires: stripes, plaids, patches and contrasting solids that are perfectly balanced. You'll be noticed in navy and red so wear this combination on days when you feel like you've got the world on a string. (Note: the title of this post should be sung to the tune of Chris De Burgh's 1986 hit Lady in Red.)


The Art of John Paul Thurlow

John Paul Thurlow's drawings move me. With subjects that include popular magazine covers, supermodels and rock stars, his illustrations are not exactly sentimental or especially melancholic, but they are filled with life. Each pencil line is a masterstroke. Considered and deliberate without being rigid, you can 'feel the love' behind a line's intention. I wanted to share and archive some of his work. You can see more of it by going here.



A Riot of Rabbits

I've always loved rabbits: not just the animal itself, but all of the artistic representations of this little woodland creature. As a decorative motif on ceramics, textiles and glassware they are just as charming. So, I've gathered up some rabbit imagery that I happen to like by artists I happen to like even more. Happy April. Happy Easter. Happy Spring. Happy Passover. Happy Hopping.


New Work by Dorion Berg

A former classmate and coworker of mine is making great strides in his chosen artistic field. Dorion Berg and I attended the same high school and worked together at the Ottawa School of Art for about a year. Even at that young age, he was a natural potter and ceramicist. He was always impressive, as a person and as an artist, and his latest work is even more sensational than I could have imagined. I love the shapes and asymmetry, but the beautiful glazing techniques he has employed on these pieces really steals the show. He is currently living in Taipei, Taiwan, where he has studied and worked for several years. Below are a few examples of his latest work. Click here to see more.



Knoxville Farmers' Market Posters

An exploration of Etsy on any given Saturday can yield some wonderful finds. I always make it a point to search out new stationers to add to my roster. Quite simply, Etsy has the best of the best: original, innovative, exciting designs. I discovered Pioneer House a few years ago - letterpress artists who create some very striking designs for stationery and posters. These cards, below, feature ads they created for the Knoxville, Tennessee, Farmers' Market. I love the mix of fonts, the slightly psychadelic colours against the brown-bag background and the boldness of the compositions. Visit their site to see more.