Lula Celebrates #10

One of my favourite women's fashion magazines is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month with its tenth issue. Lula was born in England in 2005 and has since grown up to become one of the most worldly and sophisticated fashionistas around. The magazine is personified and has a spirit all its own, entirely unique in the publishing world. There is no 'real' Lula, but we, the readers, are meant to think of the magazine as a character with a definite personality and charm.
For its tenth issue, Lula is offering seven different covers. I was only able to find images of these four.
Lula is an enormous magazine, book-bound and heavy with thick, gorgeous pages that hold incredibly-hued inks depicting some of the best fashion styling and photography I've ever seen. What's also nice is that its focus extends to all artistic fields. We can read about Lula's favourite singer, her favourite painter, her favourite poet and especially her favourite clothes. Lula's style is certain and particular. You won't find any Tommy Hilfiger or Gap examples in these pages. The focus is high-fashion blended with a reverence for the vintage and the flea-market find, all put together in glorious editorials that will leave you inspired.

Lula's popularity is greatly expanding and it has become very collectible, even though only two issues a year are printed. A copy of the first issue (now out of print) in good condition can sell for well over $300 online. She can be difficult to find, this Lula, but she is worth searching for. Please promise you'll do your best to find a copy of the 10th issue. It's definitely one of the best!


  1. Hi Andrew. My name is Nadine C. and I have posted on your MM blog. I live in a town right next to Brimfield, MA. And of course, I go every year. I just wanted to say I love your new blog. I am a magazine junkie, and I love Lula. I am excited to get the new issue. I love so many of the magazine from the UK and Australia, like Donna Hay and the UK version of Country Living and British Vogue. Also Selvedge magazine is excellent and so inspirational (but expensive). Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know you have a big fan in Massachusetts. Best wishes.

  2. Why, thank you Nadine! All the best to you!