Russel Wright's American Modern

A recent introduction to my purview of housewares is Russel Wright. Considered a modern master, Wright's dinnerware and serveware brought good design to the masses, beginning in the early 1920s through the early 1960s. Unusually curvaceous and deeply coloured in captivating solids, Wright's pieces introduced simplicity to the everyday household. Examples of his colourful and wildly popular American Modern line (considered to be the best-selling housewares line in U.S. history) demonstrate his design aesthetic, which touted the ease of casual living. Wright's primary belief was that the dining table was the heart of the home; his designs stemmed from this philosophy. While much of his most popular work was tableware, he also designed furniture, such as these sleek dining chairs. Wright's firm continues to operate today with offices in Burbank, California and Garrison, New York.

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