A Collection A Day

Maybe it's twine, or vintage postcards, or matchbooks, or those little plastic closures that keep our bread bags freshly sealed: mugs, erasers, elastic bands... Whatever the objects, all things collected are loved by someone. Editor Lisa Congdon (Uppercase magazine) has created a fascinating new book called "A Collection a Day" featuring 365 of her collections of various bits and bobs, lovingly photographed and packaged in a rectangular tin storage box - for the full vintage effect. The introduction to the book was written by Fritz Karch, the collecting editor at Martha Stewart Living magazine. To read more about the project and the book (which is also available as part of an Uppercase book bundle) click here. To order a signed copy of the book (just ordered mine!) as well as some limited-edition ephemera associated with the book, such as limited-edition prints and note cards, click here.

1 comment:

  1. Apart from Martha magazines and books and jewellery (which I wear) I can't imagine collecting red spoons or elastic bands. But it sounds like an interesting book. I'll keep an eye out for it and have a nosey through.

    BTW Andrew, I miss hearing from you, but I hope that you are keeping well and enjoying life away from the computer. xx