Molly Hatch Ceramics

It's always really exciting to discover an artist who is so devoted to her craft and who is so prolific in her process. Molly Hatch, a ceramicist in Northampton Massachusetts, has hosted dozens of exhibits of her work across the United States and has become something of an icon among the crafty cognoscenti. Born on an organic dairy farm in Vermont, she comes by her love of bucolic charms honestly: quaint and delightful folk-art imagery adorns most of her work. Her etsy shop has been bombarded by requests for her signature tea-cup on tea-cup designs that she had to temporarily shut it down just in order to keep up. Below are examples of her work. Surely you can see what all the fuss is about: Adorable, high-quality, handmade fabulousness!

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  1. So happy you shared the work of this wonderful artist. I adore her collection and look forward to ordering a few pieces.

    We will be traveling to Quebec next month for the first time. I couldn't remember which part of Canada you live in, but if you are familiar with Quebec and would like to pass on some of your favorite places to visit, I'd love to hear about them. - Julie