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Ever the faithful blogger, I spend at least an hour or two each weekend trolling the Internet for a good dosage of blog fodder. I love discovering new blogs, new photographers, designers, stylists, publishers and artists - and all of their inspirations and idols in turn. There really is a "web" out there.

One such recent discovery was Uppercase Magazine - an independent Canadian publication out of Vancouver that is quickly gaining the attention of design and publishing afficionados. Small, sleek and gorgeously put together, it is the creative sum of Janine Vangool (designer, editor, publisher) and Diedre Martin, editor-at-large. Together they've created a highly collectible quarterly that serves to satisfy anyone interested in media, the arts and creativity in general. I've ordered my three copies at their website. Here's a peek inside:


We're inquisitive: learning from other artists, illustrators, designers, photographers, filmmakers and musicians, whether they're upstarts or icons, famous or shy, verbal or visual.
We're inspired: enchanted by great ideas and strange inventions; by colour and pattern; things fancy and frugal; the charm of vintage in a modern life; the ridiculous and the sublime.
We're adventurous: traveling to destinations both real and imagined, peeking into creative spaces and discovering magnificent people and memorable places.

We're eclectic: curating souvenirs, collecting treasures and celebrating the extraordinary in the everyday.

We're playful: delighting in visual amusements, intelligent distraction, entertaining wordplay and sweet indulgences.

a magazine for the creative and curious!The team at Uppercase also periodically releases books, like these three above: Old School, which features art inspired by the classroom; Work Life, which is a directory of Canadian artists and illustrators; Jenn 11, about eleven artists named Jen.

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