The House of Annie Lennox

London's Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) is poised to open its exhibit about Annie Lennox, one of my favourites and one of the most influential people in my life. The museum, which touts itself as the world's greatest museum of art and design, will be opening the exhibit called "The House of Annie Lennox" on September 15th, a one-room retrospective of some of Annie's most celebrated music videos, photographs, costumes and charitable accomplishments. The exhibit will examine her creative process, her inspirations, her image and her style. Her Oscar, some of her Grammy and Brit Awards and audio/visual interviews with Annie will also be on view. Below are photographs by Satoshi Saikusa for her first solo album, Diva, which is the album to end all albums in the House of Andrew Ritchie.


  1. Hi Andrew!

    Zoran and I were at the V&A on Saturday, but totally missed the exhibit! We only saw about half of the rooms, but will be heading back next week. I can be your foreign correspondent, or better yet, you should come over and report yourself! You could stay with us, but only after we move out of this one room temporary prison cell and into our new apartment (Sept 28).

    Miss you.

    Hope you're well.


  2. Hi Stephen! That's amazing! The Annie show is on until the end of February so there is plenty of time. She said she is going to stop by now and then and surprise unsuspecting visitors, so you never know who may bump into. I'd love to come to see the exhibit, but it's not in the cards I'm sad to say. But when we do come to the UK next, I will certainly look you up! Miss you a lot and really glad to hear you're settling in. :-)

  3. The House of Annie Lennox is a fantastic exhibition and it is still on for a few weeks...http://www.bealondoner.com/fr/blog/nadege/la-maison-d-annie-lennox-au-v-and-a