Staircase As Canvas

My love of stairs likely began at a very early age. I remember watching old black-and-white films with my father on Sunday mornings and the scenes that seemed the most dramatic, the most haunting and classic, were scenes that took place on the stairs: Scarlett O'Hara sweeping down that grand central staircase in her billowing finery, Gloria Swanson slithering down the stairs in her turban and bulging eyes, ready for her close-up; Joan Crawford struggling down the banister in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Stairs have gravitas and drama. They not only enhance a space by alluding to an undiscovered space above, they also create shadow, depth or the perfect creative canvas for those inclined to be imaginative. Below are some super stairs for your consideration. In each case, the fronts of the steps were used as the base for wallpaper, paint and stencilling or mosaic. I love the effect!


  1. Hi Andrew, love your post. I am new to this blog, I read your last post on Martha Moment blog it is so beautiful. I want to wish you a successful and blessed year.
    Rowaida Flayhan