Lisa Wood's Curiosities

Lisa Wood is the friend of a friend: my compadré Fernando Aguayo-Garcia who lives and works in San Francisco. While she and I have never met, our shared love of the imaginative diorama unites us. As a child, dioramas were a favourite passtime for me, especially ones that involved my plastic dinosaurs. I had no hesitation bringing some outdoor elements into the scenes either, including a caterpillar or two! When I first saw Lisa's curious dioramas, which create wondrous worlds inhabited by personified (albeit dead) bugs, I knew we were kindred spirits. You can see more of Lisa's work on her Facebook site, or buy her Blurb Book, Insects at Home here, which features some of her best creations.

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  1. OOOH i love this! i just discovered your personal blog, andrew (it's me - lisa bartels) and am scrolling back through your older posts. this is wonderful!!