Designer Nathalie Nahas

One of the many highlights of working at Anthropologie is meeting fantastic, creative people who lead interesting and productive lives beyond the sphere of retail. One such person is my fellow coworker Nathalie Nahas, a Toronto designer who works part time at one of the city's Anthropologie stores. I interviewed Nathalie for the job last summer and knew immediately that she was a catch. Her designs, below, illustrate why:
My favourite piece by Nathalie is this bench she designed and built several years ago.
This collection of ceramic lamps hangs in a bundle, creating the effect of warm cocoons.

This is a stool made of skillfully warped steel.
I really love these sleek, modern trays.
A gorgeous wood vessel, hand made by Nathalie.


  1. I have purchased a wool bunny from Natalie and she made my wedding hair peice too ... I have blogged about her too!