Samantha Robinson

Australian ceramicist Samantha Robinson specializes in porcelain. Her creations are unique vessels that are then painted by hand. Stunning for their fragile beauty, the creations are sold each weekend at Paddington Markets on Oxford Street in Sydney. They are also now available internationally at stores like Anthropologie and various boutiques.

Samantha's workshop is a delightful space. Along with her artwork, she also sells flowers at Paddington Markets. These are illuminators, below. Place a tea light inside at the base and the patterns will come alive. They would also be beautiful as vases, but be sure not to fill the vessels themselves with water. Place a small jar inside to hold the flower stems and protect the porcelain.
These black-and-white patterns are reminiscent of Edward Gorey.
Smaller versions of the illuminators. Such intricate painting!
These watermelon bowls are my favourite in her collection.
Coffee cups in various pastel hues and textures.
Coffee cups like these would brighten anyone's morning.

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  1. those watermelon bowls are SO you